Citrine 5.5ct
Citrine 5.5ct
Authenticity certificate of Sri Lankan government standards

Citrine 5.5ct

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Citrine 5.5ct;
Price per carat: 10 USD;
Weight: 5.5 cts;
Color: Yellow;
Cut: Mixed;
Shape: Trillion;
Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka;
Identification: Natural Citrine;
Youtube Video: Follow this link;

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Experience the captivating allure of our Natural Citrine, a remarkable gemstone that boasts a distinct triangular cut. Mined and expertly faceted in the enchanting landscapes of Sri Lanka, this 5.5-carat Citrine is a testament to nature’s artistry and the craftsmanship of lapidaries.
The unique triangle shape of this yellow Citrine adds a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to any piece of jewelry. Its brilliant facets play with light, creating a mesmerizing dance of colors that truly stands out.
Embrace the warm and vibrant energy of Citrine, believed by some to bring positivity, creativity, and success into your life. Whether worn as a statement piece or incorporated into a custom creation, this gem is sure to make a striking impression.
Rest assured, this precious gemstone is not only authentic but also comes with a certified seal of authenticity from Sri Lanka, a testament to its genuine origin and quality. Elevate your collection with this extraordinary Citrine and bask in its radiant beauty.

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