Citrine 4.25ct
Authenticity certificate of Sri Lankan government standards

Citrine 4.25ct

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Citrine 4.25ct;
Price per carat: 10 USD;
Weight: 4.25 cts;
Color: Yellow;
Cut: Mixed;
Shape: Oval;
Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka;
Identification: Natural Citrine;
Youtube Video: Follow this link;

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Discover the radiant allure of our Natural Citrine gemstone, a dazzling embodiment of warmth and positivity. Mined and meticulously cut in the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka, this 4.25-carat Citrine is a true marvel of nature.
With its captivating shades of yellow and gold, Citrine is often hailed as the “Stone of Success” for its reputed ability to attract prosperity and abundance. Its vibrant energy is believed to inspire creativity, enhance focus, and kindle the fires of imagination. Let the sunshine hues of this Citrine illuminate your life and infuse every moment with its joyful essence.
Whether adorning a cherished piece of jewelry or gracing a unique creation, this Citrine gemstone is a testament to nature’s artistry and the skilled craftsmanship of lapidaries in Sri Lanka. Revel in its beauty and harness its alleged metaphysical properties as you embark on your journey towards positivity and success.
Rest assured, our gemstone is ethically sourced, precisely cut, and accompanied by an official certificate of authenticity from Sri Lanka. Elevate your collection with the genuine splendor of this Citrine masterpiece.

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