Authenticity certificate of Sri Lankan government standards

Cat’s Eye 0.5ct

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Cat’s Eye 0.5ct;
Price per carat: 120 USD;
Weight: 0.5 cts;
Color: Greenish Yellow;
Cut: Cabochon;
Shape: Round;
Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka;
Identification: Natural Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye;
Youtube Video: Follow this link;

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Cat’s eye, also known as chrysoberyl, is a natural gemstone that is mined in Sri Lanka. It is renowned for its unique optical phenomenon called chatoyancy, which resembles the slit eye of a cat. This mesmerizing effect is caused by the reflection of light from parallel needle-like inclusions within the stone.
The cat’s eye gemstone is known for its remarkable hardness, ranking 8.5 on the Mohs scale, making it highly durable and suitable for jewelry. Its color can vary from greenish-yellow to brownish-yellow, and the intensity of the cat’s eye effect varies as well.
In addition to its aesthetic appeal, cat’s eye is believed to possess metaphysical properties. It is thought to bring good luck, wealth, and protect the wearer from evil spirits. It is also associated with enhancing intuition and foresight, making it a popular choice among those seeking spiritual enlightenment.
To ensure the authenticity and quality of cat’s eye gemstones, Sri Lanka has established strict mining regulations and standards. Skilled artisans carefully cut and polish the stones to enhance their beauty and showcase the captivating chatoyant effect.
As with any precious gemstone, it is important to purchase cat’s eye from reputable sources to ensure you are getting a genuine and responsibly sourced stone. Whether cherished for its mystical properties or admired for its natural beauty, cat’s eye from Sri Lanka continues to enchant and fascinate gemstone enthusiasts around the world. This treated natural gem is certified for authenticity by Sri Lanka’s government.

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