Amethyst 44.4ct
Amethyst 44.4ct
Authenticity certificate of Sri Lankan government standards

Amethyst 44.4ct

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Amethyst 44.4ct;
Price per carat: 3 USD;
Weight: 44.4 cts;
Color: Purple;
Cut: Mixed;
Shape: Oval;
Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka;
Identification: Natural Amethyst;
Youtube Video: Follow this link;

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Introducing the epitome of elegance and spiritual significance, the 44.4-carat Oval Purple Amethyst. This exquisite gemstone features a rich, saturated hue that exudes opulence. With a remarkable clarity rating of 9.6 out of 10, it radiates purity and brilliance.
Sourced from the enchanting island of Sri Lanka, this Purple Amethyst embodies the essence of its mystical origin. However, it holds a significance beyond its breathtaking beauty – it aligns with the tenets of Vedic astrology.
In Vedic astrology, the Purple Amethyst is revered for its ability to enhance one’s spiritual journey. It is believed to activate the third eye chakra, facilitating inner peace, wisdom, and intuition. Wearing this gemstone is thought to bring clarity to one’s thoughts and enhance meditation practices.
Imagine adorning yourself with this resplendent Oval Purple Amethyst, not just as an exquisite accessory but as a conduit for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Each facet of this gem tells a story of the profound wisdom contained within the Earth.

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