Amulet Antari Certification Lab

Certificates For Precious Jewellery And Gemstones

Amulet Antari provides expert appraisal of precious jewellery and gemstones.

The peer review is done in conjunction with the following experts in the field of Gemology and precious metal analysis:

Mr. B. Dhusyanthan
High Quality Measurement Technology

Mr. Senarath B. Basnayake
FGA, MSc Consultant Gemmologist since 1983

The information provided in Amulet Antari certificates is the result of product testing using test equipment and methods deemed appropriate by the laboratory at the time of testing. The laboratory is not responsible for any differences that may arise as a result of testing of products by any other party if the research equipment was not LIBS - tested.

The examination of precious metals, jewelry and gemstones is performed by the following certified experts:

We provide certificates of conformity for our own products, as well as carry out expert assessment of jewellery and gemstones of third-party manufacturers.

Amulet Antari Certificate

The front side of the plastic Amulet Antari certificate.

Amulet Antari Certificate

The back side of the plastic Amulet Antari certificate.

Beware of fakes! All certificates for jewellery and gemstones issued by Amulet Antari have an online page on our official website

If you already have an Amulet Antari certificate, you can access the online page by scanning the QR code on the back of your certificate.

Amulet Antari Certificate Back Side QR Code

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