Star Ruby - A Comprehensive Guide

Star Ruby – A Comprehensive Guide

Star Ruby – A Comprehensive Guide


Star Ruby, a captivating and rare gemstone with its distinct star-shaped pattern, has intrigued people for centuries. This comprehensive guide delves into the intriguing world of Star Rubies, exploring their worth, suitability, and origins.

Star Ruby

Are Star Rubies Valuable?

Among the most prized colored gemstones, Star Rubies hold exceptional value. Larger rubies are rarer and more precious than comparably sized diamonds. Factors like color, clarity, weight, and star quality influence their worth. The vivid “pigeon blood” red hue commands the highest price. However, each Star Ruby’s value varies based on unique attributes.

Who Can Wear Star Ruby?

Star Rubies make exquisite jewelry pieces for everyone, while some cultures ascribe astrological significance to these gems. Vedic astrology associates Star Ruby with the Sun, enhancing strength for those with an afflicted Sun. It’s believed to foster internal power and tranquility.

Is Star Ruby Expensive?

Star Rubies are treasured for their rarity, which can translate into higher costs. Prices range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per carat, contingent on quality. A captivating star-like shine often makes it a sought-after gem despite its cost.

Where Are Star Rubies Found?

Found across the globe, star rubies are prominently sourced from Myanmar (Burma), where silk forms intricately. Other countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and India also yield these gems. Favorable geological conditions, essential for ruby formation, are present around the Indian Ocean.

Star Ruby is for Which Planet?

Vedic astrology links Star Ruby to the Sun, cultivating leadership, confidence, and motivation for wearers. The Sun embodies power, authority, and respect, qualities accentuated by this gem.

What is Star Ruby?

Star Ruby, a rare ruby variety, displays asterism—a shimmering six-rayed star effect resulting from aligned needle-like rutile inclusions. Classified as red corundum, its hardness ranks at nine on the Mohs scale.

How Can You Tell if a Star Ruby is Real?

Genuine Star Rubies exude a vivid red glow, unlike dull imitations. Scratch resistance is another test; authentic rubies are hard to scratch. Distinguishing from red glass is possible through comparison. For a definitive assessment, consult a certified jeweler.

How Are Star Rubies Formed?

Star Rubies stem from corundum, much like regular rubies, differentiated by needle-like rutile inclusions. These elongated structures produce the star pattern when reflecting light.

Star Ruby Price in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a common source of Star Rubies, prices range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per carat, determined by size, quality, and origin.

Type of Star Ruby Price USD/Ct
Star Ruby up to 2 carats 200 - 800
Star Ruby fr 2 to 4 carats 400 - 1,200
Star Ruby fr 4 and more carats 600 - N/A


Star Rubies, treasured for centuries for their unique star-like beauty, hold immense value. Influenced by factors like color, clarity, weight, and star quality, these gemstones make a bold statement, whether worn for aesthetics or astrological significance.

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